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According to The Advocates For Self-Government JONATHAN LULICH is a Libertarian

A libertarian is one who seeks to maximize human freedom and minimize coercion, whether in personal or economic matters. You advocate true “self-government,” that is a free people who organize themselves peacefully and govern themselves. Government, to the extent it exists at all, should be limited to protecting individuals from harm. Some libertarians think that private, voluntary institutions should replace coercive government monopolies. Otherwise, libertarians embrace individual responsibility, voluntary community, and private charity. They also tolerate diverse lifestyles, defend civil liberties, and support the free exchange of goods, services and ideas and believe everyone is better off when left to pursue their idea of happiness as long as people don’t harm one another.

The Advocates For Self-Government

Human Respect Score: 100% Respectful

I prefer a respectful approach over a coercive approach to social change. I have a strong moral character and an open mind. Based on my answers, my Human Respect Score indicates that I am a libertarian anarchist.

The word “anarchist” is scary for some people. It calls to mind images of unruly, perhaps violent people. But anarchy simply means “without rulers.” Rulers, in this case, are people who claim the power to threaten harm against others, or to take other’s property without consent or enforcing subjective values on others within a community or nation through law. 

Far from being violent, libertarian anarchists are fully committed to peace. In fact, they think that a condition of happiness, harmony, and prosperity is far more likely among peaceable people. Libertarian anarchists often work towards creating new systems of governance that do not require the initiation of violence against others. People who want to help the needy can create systems of mutual aid and charity for the least advantage. People who want to live a conservative lifestyle can create a voluntary community where more exotic lifestyles are not allowed. But, according to the libertarian anarchist, no one should be able to force their conception of the good upon another person through threat of violence.

A libertarian anarchist is simply one who believes the only justified forms of governance is one by which he consents to be governed. That means real social contracts, not imaginary ones. A libertarian anarchist is also committed to peaceful interaction wherever possible. Under their view, anything that is peaceful in society should be allowed. As long as one’s way of life, religion, opinion, wealth, or career preferences don’t harm anyone else, then no person, group or government is justified interfering. 

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